I’ve been wanting a manicure for ages, well just something different on my nails but I just don’t have the money to spend for a treatment at the salon. Instead I decided to them myself. I didn’t want just my usual red/blue/coral nails. I wanted them to stand out.

This is the first time i’d done patterns on my nails myself before so I know they’re not perfect but it was so easy and fun to do. I chose the two polishes I wanted to use- white and black. I got a wooden cuticle stick with a point on end (found them in a load of manicure sets from old Christmas’s/birthdays) to draw the patterns with.

I didn’t have any patterns in mind, just went for a random mish mash that were easy to draw on my nails from stripes to dots to flowers. Firstly you paint each nail the colour you fancy. Then you dab the cuticle stick into the preferred colour of paint for the pattern. And finally you get drawing!

I used a clear varnish for base coat and top coat to make it last.

So easy and a lot of fun. I recommend 🙂

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