Hallelujah tartan is back this winter!

Recognise this fashion statement? Don’t be afraid to bring out last year’s style again this winter because we can most definitely get away with it!

Checkered print has not gone anywhere this season. Tartan is once again bang on trend in this year’s Autumn/winter style as featured as a key must have on the catwalk. 

This stylish pattern appears to be a never-ageing key trend, how glad are we to hear that? This exciting fashion news has made my winter a bit warmer and a hell of a lot more stylish. Rummage your wardrobes and bring your tartan back out this season!

My never ageing tartan scarf is making an appearance one again this Autumn/Winter season.

My never ageing tartan scarf is making an appearance once again this Autumn/Winter season.

MUST WATCH: Bad Grandpa


Last night I watched Bad Grandpa at the cinema and I absolutely loved it. If you enjoyed Jackass then you will love this movie.

I often find that sometimes with films, the funniest bits are always shown in the trailers and then when you get to the cinema what you’re expecting to be absolutely hilarious isn’t always the case. Not with this Movie. I was wetting myself the whole way through!

I definitely recommend everyone to get to the cinemas and watch it and I guarantee if you aren’t crying with laughter then something must be wrong with you… 

Who has style on our high streets?

That’s what I found out. I put on my fashion binoculars in the hunt to discover who had style in Bournemouth Town. 

5 girls in particular stood out to me on my walkabouts. Their clothes were unique and bang-on-trend for this Autumn/Winter season, from the glamorous cosy fur gilet to the striking checked print leggings. There wardrobes feature key style essentials that we need to get our hands on! ImageImageImageImage

Tasty stocking filler!!

Oh wow. I have just discovered what I will be putting on my christmas list this year for a stocking filler- a white Terry’s chocolate orange. Actually make that 3!

You read it right, there are white Terry’s chocolate oranges currently circulating our supermarkets. This discovery came as a huge excitement for my friend and I tonight,  and we just could not resist buying one to munch on in our girlie movie night in.

We are both confessed chocoholics so we weren’t too surprised when we’d demolished the whole thing. But we are slightly concerned about the waistline….

Go on treat yourself! 


I’m basically working with Mollie King….

Mollie King, the beautiful Saturday and style ambassador, has launched her first ever fashion collection for MY store! OK maybe not my store, but for trend-savy Oasis, that I work for. 

The fashion icon’s ‘Loved By Mollie’ range is a must have for our wardrobe this 2013 Autumn/Winter. The collection features pastel coats, leather skirts and leapord prints, ticking all the boxes of key trends this season. 

I feel sorry for my boss because from now on, when I’m ‘tidying’,  I’ll be secretly browsing for my very own Mollie-inspired outfit and I’ll be tip-toeing into the fitting rooms to try it all on! 

Not only will the ‘Loved By Mollie’ collection be a perfect asset to all our wardrobes, but it won’t destroy our pockets. This Saturday’s ImageOasis edition features 45 hand-selected pieces rom the gorgeous girl herself and ranges from £28-£350- not a budget bulger, we are pleased to hear. 

Start shopping the brand new collection now and be one of the first to be noticed looking glam on your walkabouts.