Life as a ‘trainee journalist’

After powering through an intense 7 weeks of my NCTJ magazine journalism course at the Bournemouth Daily Echo I am left with only 3 weeks left before us students are realised on a revision week for our exams.

When I think about how much I have progressed in following my dream career in journalism, I can definitely say I have come one hell of a long way. When I think back to the second week of my course and I was questioning if I was up to the challenge, I thought to myself… journalism students at the university down the road are probably only just turning the first page of a text book but I’m already learning the black letter law, building contacts, creating a portfolio of reports and writing 50 words per minute in shorthand. Two weeks in and that is something to be proud of.

Today marks seven weeks in. My skills have developed, rules have been learned and revision has begun. To my surprise and delight, two of my reports were published. My first bylines! Although I am nowhere near professional quite yet, I felt so proud and I hope I can feel that pride over and over again.

My journey as a ‘trainee journalist undergoing an NCTJ course’ is not over yet, not until 6 exams have been completed. The second week of December begins those frightful days… a limited amount of time to stress, panic and pray the answers I scribble down (as fast as I can) are correct.

Until the exams of law, public affairs, reporting, shorthand, business of magazines and production of magazines are done and passed, then my dream of being a journalist is slightly on hold.

Wish me luck!


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