I’m an ASOS Insider whoop whoop


On Thursday I found out some amazing news- ASOS emailed me to say I had been accepted as an ASOS Insider and today I received these cute gifts in a little package sent to my home.

In a cute box filled with mini stars, I found a Β hand-written note, a notepad, a fortune cookie and some ASOS sunglasses.

I am so excited to be welcomed into the #AccessAllASOS family and I can’t wait to meet other people who love fashion as much as me. I am so buzzing to be invited to the first ASOS insider-only event- maybe I will get to try on ASOS clothes or get a sneak peak of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Eeek exciting times.

2 thoughts on “I’m an ASOS Insider whoop whoop

  1. Congratulations to you too! You will love it when you do get it! Do you have anymore tips to help improve my blog and I would love to do beauty/product reviews for brand but no idea how to get into that!xx

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