Friday Favourites- The Sophie Hulme Bag


The talented designer Sophie Hulme, well-known for her creation of the structured and metal-adorned bag, has made a big hit on the ‘to take to New York Fashion Week checklist’.

Global fashionistas ascending on the Big Apple have only one handbag label paired to their side and that’s the British handbag guru’s collection of clutches and classics.

Sophie-Hulme-Mini-envelope-clutchI love the clutch in this sorbet shade- perfect for a summer holiday!


The cream clutch is gorgeous for any season of the year!













Famous faces love the simplistic bags for the no-branding design mantra and the shape that won’t date.


Alice Eve’s black Sophie classic looks fab with her gorgeous white smock dress.

For those of you who love the look but would love it more if the price was a bit sweeter….


At a more attractive sophie-inspired £25 this boxy lock bag also looks great with the gold-plaque effect hardware.

Don’t you just want one?!

Love Leeanna xxx

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