DIY: how I glammed up my mittens

I don’t know about you but when it comes to buying clothes and accessories, I always have the perfect vision of an item I want in my head and expect to see it in the shop, but can never find exactly what I am looking for.

After loosing one of my FAVOURITE pairs of mittens and with the weather being so freezing, I was desperate to find a new set of gloves just as fab! What I loved about my old pair was that they were just so girlie and cute with lace and bows. So I was a women on a mission to find a new favourite…or create my own.

image2 (2)

The best I could find were these navy blue finger less gloves from Accessorize in the sale at £7.50. I loved the design of the sequins and gems, and the silver and pastel blue colours of them too, but whenever I wore them the pretty pattern was hidden under my coats and jumpers 😦

So I decided why not create my own pattern for the top of the glovesΒ and to my surprise it worked out very easy and therapeutic to do.

My grandma is AMAZING when it comes to things like this- she can literally make anything, from handbags and chunky knit cardigans, to ornaments and plates. I took her out for coffee and asked her for some inspiration and some help.


She showed me her collections of haberdashery- I was in ribbon and lace heaven. The funnest bit was deciding what pattern I wanted to create which I kind of already had in mind but now with so many choices of different coloured ribbon, lace and cute beads, I found it hard to decide. I did get a bit carried away with testing ideas but eventually found the perfect look for my mittens.

I wanted to stick with the colour scheme of blues and created this design:

  • Electric blue ribbon
  • Pretty white lace
  • Sparkly blue and silver thin ribbon
  • Powder blue bow

It was so easy to do considering I am nowhere near as talented as my grandma! You just need some cotton to match the colours your adding together (I used blue and white), needles for sowing, pins for keeping the pattern in place and a good eyesight for threading!

image1Β image4 (1)

My grandma gave me her adorable foam jumper to stick my pins and needles in so I couldn’t lose them- and believe me they are easy to lose sight of.

Once I had sown everything to the large bit of blue ribbon I then sowed it onto the mittens and I was so pleased with the final look!



My sister loved them so much she’s even asked me to decorate her a pair. Β I hope you like them too!

Love Leeanna xo


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