My name is Leeanna- although some like to call me Lee Lee. I am 19-years-old and living in London, currently working full time in the media industry as a digital producer. I wouldn’t say i’m quite a ‘londoner’ just yet as my country bumpkin roots are still definitely in tact.


I have completed an NCTJ magazine journalism course. So I can proudly say I am a qualified journo with the dream of one day becoming the editor of Glamour. No I’m completely joking, I could never fill Jo Elvin’s shoes… but I would love to write for her!

My blog is my hobby and it features a little bit of everything I’m passionate about- namely anything fashion and beauty related- with a little bit about my day-to-day life along the way. Sorry if I rabbit on- I do love a good natter and my little slice on the web is a very easy target.

Best way to sum me up… a total shopaholic and magazine junkie, with a massively over flowing walk-in wardrobe. Once you’ve seen something you just have to buy it, right?!

If you want to get in touch please do, you can catch me on:

Twitter- @FBLcloset @LeeannaFaulkner 

Email- leeanna.f@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram- @fashbeautylifecloset @leeannafaulkner

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