Beauty sale haul at the office!

It’s not everyday you get an amazing beauty haul like this for just £2 and without having to barely move from your desk at work. That is definitely one of the perks of where I work- the Notebook Magazine’s beauty team will occasionally hold a sale of beauty products featuring make-up, pamper gift sets, fake tan, hair treatments and it’s not just the cheap stuff either they’re all the fab brands too! I’m not great at maths but 5 things, that wouldn’t necessarily be in my current spending budget, for just £2 is an amazing deal!

IMG_2133 (1)

What I’ve added to my beauty bag:

Morrocon argon oil- I love nourishing my hair with argon oil every now and then and since i’ve been using it I’ve definitely seen a huge improvement to my dry, damaged, bleached and split-ended hair! So i’m very glad I now have some more.

Barry M Nail Varnish- I’ve wanted to try Barry M’s new ‘Sunset Daylight Curating’ collection for a while now and I particularly loved this colour. Blue shades are always a favourite of mine for all-season manicures and this totally stood out to me! I was letting no-one at work get their hands on this as soon as I saw it. I coudln’t wait to try it out and was so pleased when I used it- the paint literally dried in about 30 seconds. Didn’t even need to fear about smudging!

Co Lab Dry Shampoo- I thought this miniature bottle would be perfect for taking to Ibiza as I can only take a small amount of luggage for the journey. Dry shampoo is definitely a hair essential especially for the occasional on-the-go greasy hair days! This one smells gorgeous too with its lush fresh summer smell.

No 7 Nail Varnish- I don’t think there has ever come a summer season when i’ve not worn coral nail varnish, either on my toes or my fingers, it’s always been a summer must-have shade for me!

Bare Minerals Primer I was so happy when I saw this in the make-up box as I had literally just days before ran out of mine at home! I love using this before nights out for that extra coverage and it really helps keep your make-up on all night- without having to worry about doing a touch up.


I’d never been to one of the sales before but oh my god it was carnage! Women were coming from everywhere- huge bags at the ready to get their bargains. I would have probably came out with a hell of a lot more if it wasn’t so claustrophobic and their wasn’t so much wrist slapping in the make-up bins! Next time I’m going to go in all guns blazing!

Love Leeanna xo

#MidweekManicure: Summer Sparkle Nails

I totally love blue nail varnish shades for the summer but what I love even more is glitter and lots of it! There’s something about these nails I did this week that makes me feel like a mermaid! They just look like the sparkling ocean- perfect if you’ve got any paradise getaways this year or want to bring some statement sparkle to your off-duty weekend looks.

All I did to get this gorgeous sparkly look was use two colours- my new favourite Barry M gelly ‘Blueberry’ shade topped with my L.A glitterbomb ‘Aqua’ shade. After using a basecoat on my nails, I painted one coat of the pastel blue colour. This is why I love the gelly range so much- you only need one coat and it’s instantly got the perfect thickness and perfect glossines. No hastle or extra waiting to see your new look! Over this colour, I then painted on the clear blue tinted glitter varnish and was immediately ready to get out in the sunshine and show them. I finished with a top coat for extra shine and wholla the perfect holiday/statement sparkle nails! Or mermaid nails… they can definitely be called mermaid nails!

Love Leeanna xo

#MidweekManicure: Block Colour Nails

For my birthday one of the presents from the girls was an awesome Nail Art Book with loads of cool patterns and paint ideas to try for my #MidweekManicure posts. This week I decided to try out the block effect on my nails using a pastel blue shade and a metallic silver together.


The girls got me a new BarryM Gelly paint in the Blueberry shade- a gorgeous colour for this Summer season and it matches perfectly with my new dress! This nail trend was so easy to do. After buffing and filing my nails I used my L.A base coat varnish before painting two layers of the pastel blue over all of my nails.


Top tip: Paint from your baby finger to your thumb to save your hand from smudging your nails as it moves across the hand.

Once the the blue is dry, carefully paint the top half of your nails with a new colour. I thought my L&B metallic silver went great with the summer shade to create the perfect sparkly holiday look. I recommend to again do two coats of this. Barry M’s Gelly collection is great for shine and the shellac-like paint means it will last for a good length of time. To finish it off just add a top coat for extra shine and protection.

And wahla the perfect birthday, holiday summertime block-print nails that will take you straight from sunbathing on the beach to dancing the night away at an Ibiza boat party!

Love Leeanna xo

Beauty Regime || Sunday Night Pamper


I don’t know about you but Sunday is always the ultimate day for some pampering! At the end of a (sometimes) stressful week and the ‘I’ll never drink again’ Friday night rolled-into-Saturday night hangover, I just need a day to unwind and treat my skin my skin to some spa-like therapy.

The Face

I love a good facial but unfortunately you can’t always be at a spa where you can relax and listen to the calming music while someone magicaly turns your skin super soft and blemish-free! So the next best thing is a supermarket face mask! I bought these three from Superdrug to choose from- Yogurt Smoothie mask, Superfruit Exfoliating mask and Cucumber Cooling Clay mask. I fancied going for the superfruity scrub one- enriched with raspberries, cranberries and blueberries. It smelt soo good I almost wanted to spoon some from my purple face! The purifying-pore mask definitely did what it said on the packet and made my skin feel super smooth and smell gorgeous.


I also tried T-Zone pore strips for some deep cleaning of my face to remove blackheads in target areas. I’ve never thought about using anything like this before because I have never really noticed any blackheads on my skin… until yesterday morning! My skin always goes through bad spells after lots of alcohol. I’d never used pore-cleansing products before but since my sister started using strips for her nose and blagging on about good her skin is now (and sending me hilarious pictures of her wearing the big strip-pretending she’s had a nose job) I thought i’d give it a go. A word of advice though… once you’ve taken your strips off don’t leave them around the house. Not a pretty thing to accidentally pick up!

The Bath

I rarely ever miss a good bubble bath on a Sunday- it’s my me-time tradition and has to be surrounded my heavenly smells. I love Yankee candles so much- they’re all around our flat and my bedroom. This Sunday I lit up my huge Cranberry Ice one which smells sooo good. The key to a good bath is the candles and the bubbles!! I like to add bath salts to mine and tonight I added a cute Sephora bath heart which melts in the bath to let it’s body gel out. This one smelt of raspberry. Mmmm mmm scrub a dub dub! Talking of scrubs you have to try Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush body scrub because it’s amazing and literally smells like candy and cake! It makes you want to eat it from the pot. Not only does it smell like heaven, it leaves your skin feeling super soft. You’ll definitely be stroking your smooth arms for the next half hour.

The creams and the butters

You’re always told that you have to moisturise everyday if you want your skin to look like the celebs’. I try my best but I do have my favourites I will always use when I can and think work a treat! I like to use a gradually-building tan moisturiser first to build up a little bit of colour when i’m not lucky enough to be soaking up the sun abroad. I don’t know about you but I always feel so much better when my skin’s got a golden glow… much better than looking like a ghost! I definitely recommend using Garnier’s gradual sunkissed body lotion because unlike a lot of products that contain tan it doesn’t smell like biscuits so you won’t rock up to the office the next morning masking a funky smell. Instead it has a summery fruity scent of apricots- much nicer!


I am a HUGE fan of the Body Shop body butters- I actually think I might have tried every scent now! They’re definitely the go-to gift for my family and friends whenever they are shopping for presents for me. To blend in with my apricot-smelling golden glow, I went for the peach butter. So gorgeous and never lets you down by giving you smooth skin. Now that your body is feeling silky smooth all over, it’s important your feet get just as good a treatment especially after all the Friday and Saturday night dancing you put them through in your high heels! I’ve been using La Senza’s Undiscovered foot cream which I got as part of a Christmas pressie. It’s lovely.

Pampering done, it’s time to unwind and relax with a mug of hot lemon- the perfect detox after Friday and Saturday night’s naughty antics. Maybe even treat yourself to some cucumbers on your eyes or a good movie marathon!


My favourite thing to do after putting moisturiser on my feet is to put on some cosey socks- especially knee socks… you can’t have a true comfy and cosy night without a pair of these. I love my hot pink and grey Jack Wills ones- they’ve stuck with me for years and are still a Sunday night fave!

And to finish it off some much needed beauty sleep- if you’re like me and didn’t get home until 5 am on Saturday morning then you will need it as much as I do to get back into the swing of things for work!

I hope you all had a fab weekend and also treated yourselves to some Sunday you time.

Love Leeanna xo

#MidweekManicure: Candy Combo

Candy coloured nails are bang on-trend this season and look so so cute and girlie. What better way to bring some happy colourful nails to go with these lighter evenings and crisp bright days than to paint them like little love heart sweets!

This look is really simple and works with lots of Summery pastel colour combinations. After using a base coat by L.A.Colours, I applied two coats of the candy shade nail varnish to each nail. I definitely recommend using a base coat because it not only prevents the nail varnish from chipping or peeling quickly, it helps to strengthen your nails and help them grow. Since recently taking a lot more care of my nails, by treating them with cuticle oil and using a base and top coat whenever I paint them, my once-SO-weak nails have gradually become stronger and stopped breaking!

The candy colours I chose my striped nail look were Barry M’s Strawberry shade and Rimmel London’s Sweet Lavender 60 Seconds polish. Both varnishes were quick dry and easy peasy to use! I particularly love the fat brush by Rimmel London because it helps to cover your whole nail with just one stroke. Next time I might try a mint green and powder blue shade together. What candy colours will you try?

Love Leeanna xo

#MidweekManicure: Hand to Toe Shellac

I love love love having shellac nails- the varnish just keeps your nails looking fab and shiny for ten times longer than standard polish! That’s why I normally always get a shellac mani and pedi before any holiday so I know I won’t suffer from any bare or ugly chipped nails while i’m beaching it up. Unfortunately I’m not going anywhere abroad soon… instead the beauty pamper was an Easter present from my lovely mum and I decided to make use of it in preparation for my sister’s birthday celebration in Bournemouth.

IMG_1556 (1)

I went for a bold coral shade on my fingers and peachy coloured toes… topped with glitter of course. I thought everyone who would be out on Saturday night would appreciate these summery statement nails because I just loved them.

I had already planned on wearing my peep-toe strappy heels so couldn’t resist designing my toes to sparkle the night away.  Pastel shades are the ultimate holiday paint and with a little glitter it can take them from the beach to the cocktail bar. You will definitely see these shimmering bad boys out for Ibiza this summer!


And if getting our nails done wasn’t enough pamper time for me and my sister, we treated our hangovers to a relaxing spa day at Norton Park in Winchester on the Sunday. We thought we deserved a massage and facial after all that dancing and champagne in Bournemouth. 😛


Hope you all have a lovely week!

Love Leeanna xo

#MidweekManicure: Classic White

I absolutely love white nails in the summer and since it’s been so sunny lately I felt it was time wack the classic shade out.

White nail varnish looks so fab against tanned skin and is great for getting heads turning with the bold statement look. Plus white goes with anything so you don’t have to worry about changing your nail colour to suit bright patterns or fancy prints of your outfit- giving you the perfect everyday summer nail shade. I loved the bold classic shade against my monochrome skirt to create a smart and sophisticated workwear look.

IMG_1529 (1)

I used the NYC Expert Last Nail Polish for my manicure and it’s really great value! It was under £2 in Superdrug and can easily last up to week with no chips! I can’t stand when one of my nail’s paint starts to chip off or peel… not a great look! So this bottle is definitely a favourite of mine.


I found this picture on Instagram and absolutely loved this statement manicure!


If you want to go bolder and really get eyes turning pair the white with some glitter for special occasions and nights out! The next time I paint my nails white I am definitely going to try this look… you can never have enough sparkle!

Love Leeanna xo