St Patrick’s Day nails: Put a bit of the Irish into your manicure

St Patrick’s Day 2017 has arrived – which is the perfect excuse to get drunk, wear green and look silly.

I’ve put together some of my favourite St Patrick’s Day inspired nail designs to help you on your way to celebrating the special Irish-themed day.

Of course all of these nail art ideas are super easy to do if you’re in a rush to hit the pubs and start on your pints of Guinness or shots of whiskey.

St Patrick’s Day nail ideas

Top tips

  1. Invest in a decent green nail varnish and nail art pens in black, green or white
  2. Use eBay or Amazon to find nail art pens for a decent price
  3. Always use a base coat… and a top coat
  4. If you have short nails, buy some natural fake nails to decorate on – either in a nude or clear shade (you can buy a box for £1 in Primark)
  5. Do 2 layers of your base colour before adding nail art
  6. Test the nail art pens on tissue or a spare false nail beforehand to check colour and consistency
  7. Dots and stripes are easy patterns for beginners but with a bit of practice you’ll be drawing the shamrock in no time
  8. Gems and glitter are always pretty additions
  9. Experiment with a mixture of patterns and colours – different designs look cute on individual nails

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Love Leeanna xo

Super easy Valentine’s Day cocktails

Everyone loves a cocktail… well it’s obvious that I definitely do after having at least two everyday last week. Gotta love a happy hour!

Well if you fancy having a go at making your own tipple for this Valentine’s Day – whether your having all the girls over for GALentine’s Day or having a romantic night in – this recipe really is no effort at all and tastes fab 👌


  • A bottle of Cava, sparkling rose or Prosecco – how fancy is this gold bottle I found in Aldi for just £4.90?! Tesco also currently have an offer on Rose and Brut Cava for £4.50
  • Frozen strawberries – 2 large ones per glass serving
  • Orange juice
  • Honey to sweeten to taste
  • Fresh strawberries, raspberries or sliced orange/grated peel to decorate

Recipe steps

  1. In a blender mix 16 frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup of orange juice and slowly pour in small amounts of wine after short blends
  2. Once the mixture is a smooth slushy consistency – taste for sweetness and add honey if desired
  3. Pour into champagne glasses and serve with a fruity decoration if you wish

1 bottle will make 8 glasses so you may want to get in a couple.

For more inspiration for a tasty romantic treat or addition to a Valentine’s Day meal – check out my recipe for homemade peanut butter cups – moulded into heart-shapes of course. And if you’re struggling on what to wear for Valentine’s Day – I’ve put together a guide on my top OOTD picks and Valentine’s nail art ideas.

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy recipe too. Cheers!

Love Leeanna xo

How to make homemade peanut butter cups – the perfect dessert to your Valentine’s Day meal

If you haven’t already noticed, shops are now stocked full of cheesy Valentine’s cards, an unlimited supply of heart-shaped chocolates and pretty roses so if you aren’t already in the mood for the most romantic day of the year these DELICIOUS heart-shaped treat are sure to help.

If you’re anything like me… really really bad in the kitchen then these super easy to make desserts will put a great big smile on your face because believe me anyone can make them and everyone will love them (providing you’re not allergic to peanuts).

These delicious treats are perfect for a homemade gift to your loved one if your saving your pennies, great if you’re having the girls over for a Galentine’s night in and even better if you haven’t even got a Valentine but want to treat yourself to something heavenly while watching Magic Mike. 

What you will need

  • 1 large bar of milk chocolate
  • 1 large bar of dark chocolate
  • 1 large bar of white chocolate 
  • 2 tbsp smooth peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp icing sugar
  • Pink sprinkles of choice
  • Heart-shaped cupcake cases


  1. Start off by melting the dark chocolate either in the microwave in short bursts of 10 seconds stirring to check or in a glass bowl over boiling water
  2. Spread the chocolate into the base of each cupcake case and leave to set it the fridge until hard (takes roughly 20 minutes)
  3. Meanwhile mix the peanut butter and icing sugar in a bowl – it will become less sticky to make it easier for spreading
  4. Once the dark chocolate has hardened, spread a thin layer of peanut butter mix
  5. Repeat the same process with milk chocolate and then peanut butter mix before topping with the melted white chocolate
  6. Add your desired sprinkles for the top – this could be pink or any colour sprinkles, mini love heart sweets, marshmallows, edible glitter or popping candy or a combination! 

You can have fun with the decorations and be as creative as you wish with your toppings. 

Luckily for me my boyfriend has volunteerd to cook for me on Valentine’s Day so these will be a treat for me and the girls this weekend. Thank goodness… otherwise he would have had them all! 

I hope you enjoy these as much as we have and they make your Valentine’s Day extra special and TASTY!

Love Leeanna xo

    How to make cheap homemade Christmas decorations 

    Tis the season to be creative… yes that even means if you have no arty skills whatsoever. You really don’t need to be no Picasso to have a go at making these simple decorations.

    The festive season is not only indulgent on the waistline but it can also mean diving a little too deep into your purse. December is just around the corner so if you’ve got decorations on your mind but don’t want to break the budget, i’ve put together a handy guide to making your home festive under £5.

    I will keep this page updated with my latest suggestions for you to try at home so keep checking back for more ideas.

    Homemade candles

    These are super easy to make and can easily be done with bits and bobs from around the house. Old jam and chutney jars are perfect to use after a good soaking but if no-one is a fan of the cranberry sauce and the jars aren’t going fast you can always pick up a choice of maison and preserve jars for £1 at stores like Wilko and Poundland.

    Reindeer jars

    How cute are these! I made two and filled one with mini Christmas pudding shaped chocolate balls… because who doesn’t want more treats on top of the advent calendar?!

    • Tall jar
    • Bronze/gold/brown coloured paper
    • Red pom pom – I got a mixed bag from Poundland
    • Strong transparrent glue
    • Stick on eyeballs – I picked up mine from the 99p store
    • Scissors

    Glittery jars

    These are so simple and can easily be done with items you already have from around the house.

    • Any shape jar you have at home
    • Scissors
    • Strong transparent glue
    • Festive ribbon or string
    • Silver glittery snow fluff
    • Coloured glitter paper of choice

    They are lovely decorations for anytime of the year and can easily be turned Christmasy by filling with glitter snow and adding festive ribbon.

    Easy decorations to do in less than 15 mins

    • Pine cones – A pack of 5 from Wilko is just £1
    • Snow spray
    • Cava/wine corks
    • Strong transparent glue
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Red Pom Pom for Rudulph’s nose
    • Googly eyes
    • Coloured paper
    • Blue tac
    • Scissors

    DIY snow cones

    Wine cork reindeers

    I loved making these super easy decorations and believe me when I say ANYONE can make these at home. I mean, who doesn’t have cava corks lying around the house already? And if not… what a great excuse to pop a bottle of wine.

    Homemade snowman

    Who needs snow when you can make your own snowman on your doors at home?! I think it just looks adorable and the best thing is you can use everything you already have at home and it’s so so easy and quick to do!

    These DIY decs take so little time to make you’ll still have time to put your feet up, pour another glass and snuggle up watching your favourite Christmas movie. They’re so cute for around the house and your guests and little ones will love them too.

    Enjoy your creative night in and why not treat yourself to a mince pie and Buble playing in the background!

    Love Leeanna xo

    DIY Christmas decorations: How to make your own festive wreath


    I’m not usually very artsy and crafty, but there’s something about listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album that really made my creative side come out.

    So, as we sang along to Buble’s version of ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, with a sparkly pile of baubles and fresh-from-the-tree sprigs of holly spread across the table , me and my housemate got craft-happy with our first homemade creation- a Christmas wreath.

    And believe me it really is easy to make, just follow these simple steps…

    Step 1: Wrap ribbon around the wreath, leaving an equal distance between each turn. We chose this tartan print because it looks so festive and cute against the greenery!


    Step 2: Once the ribbon is tied tightly around the wreath. Use the same, or in a different pattern, to make a large bow for top of the wreath and tie it on using green wire that can be twisted and tied as messy as you like at the back because when it is hung up and looking beautiful from the outside, no one can see what is behind.

    Ribbon Bow

    Step 3: Now you can get your sparkle on by adding clusters of little baubles. We chose to do groups of three gold baubles- I particularly loved the one that looked like a disco ball!


    Step 4: Interweave sprigs of holly into the wreath to make it look even more festive and cute.


    And there you have it your very own front-door masterpiece!

    There are many other ways you can do your own homemade Christmas too. So whether your a creative whizz or like me- not the most talented- these DIY decorations suits all tastes and skill levels.


    Balance a branch in a clear jar and decorate with white paper decorations for a simple but stylish festive statement. 


    Paper decorations always look fab for celebrations and are so easy and fun to make! Try using wrapping paper for an even more festive look and create a chain of dangling stars which can be hung from walls or ceilings. Silver and gold paper will look especially cute this festive season and if you hang them down your window, you will be sure to bring some festive cheer to passersby.


    One of my friends had a go at making a Christmas tree out of fairy lights like this one from Pinterest, because he knew he wouldn’t be in his flat for much of the Christmas season- also the perfect student alternative to spending money on a Christmas tree! Who would have thought using fairy lights to create the shape of a Christmas tree would look so pretty?!

    candle jars

    I think these candle jars I saw on Pinterest look great for the festive season and what a great way to re-use items around the house?! Arm yourself with a box of tee lights, some fir tree clippings, clear glass jars, fluffy cotton wool and gold ribbon to create these beautiful Christmas lights.

    After browsing on Pinterest for more creative ideas, it’s made me want to make even more homemade decorations. So why don’t you give it a go too.

    Love Leeanna xo

    Easy Halloween Recipes: Simple spooky treats sure to impress on Fright Night

    Happy Halloween!

    It’s that time of year again… and I am SO happy about it. Halloween is such a good celebration and it always brings out my inner DIY creative self!

    I have already been working on my pumpkin-carving skills, clown make-up designs and now I’m ready to get spooky in the kitchen. 

    If you’re anything like me and don’t actually have a real knack for baking… have no fear! Just follow these simple steps for making some sure-to-impress super easy treats. Trust me if I can do it – you can!

    BOO-nana Gouls

    Omg how cute do these yummy bananas look?! And the best thing of all… you only need three ingredients and they take such little time.


    • Bananas
    • White chocolate 
    • Milk chocolate chips 


    1. Cut the banana into halves
    2. Use lollipop sticks to skewer each banana  and pop them in the freezer…. Be patient! It will take a couple of hours…
    3. Melt a bowl of white chocolate over a hob of boiling water 
    4. Once the bananas have completely frozen, dip them in the chocolate and smother them in as much chocolate as you wish 
    5. Place on greaseproof paper and top with two chocolate chips for eyes

    * You can even make this Halloween treat healthy by switching white chocolate for fat free natural yogurt

    Spooky Spiders

    These spooky spider treats are so easy to make and something I’ve incorporated from a house favourite of ours. I’ve turned my go-to treat recipe for chocolate peanut butter cornflake cakes into a scary and delicious fright night snack.

    Again all you need is just a few ingredients and you’ve got a winner! I mean can you even go wrong with the perfect combo of peanut butter and chocolate? Hell no!


    • 4 cups of cornflakes
    • 1 medium bar of milk chocolate
    • 1 large tbsp of peanut butter
    • Worm sweeties/liquorice laces/strawberry laces
    • Mini smarties


    1. Melt the chocolate and peanut butter in a bowl over boiling water (or in the microwave in short pulses)
    2. Add cornflakes to the gooey mixture and stir until covered
    3. On greaseproof paper lay out your spider legs as you wish
    4. Top the legs with the cornflake mix in the shape of bodies
    5. Add two mini smarties for eyeballs
    6. Leave to chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours

    I hope you have go at either of these recipes yourself for Halloween – they really are great fun for the kids and such a simple way to impress your friends.

    Now pop the kettle on and enjoy your favourite horror with these tasty spooky snacks! 

    Love Leeanna xo

    Easy how to make avocado face mask

    Sunday night calls for a pamper night! Yes it is the one evening I try my best to spend a couple of hours just relaxing… and what better way to to do that than with a face mask.

    Me and my housemate are always experimenting new recipes but this time we went the extra mile and decided to try a nutritional recipe for your FACE. The veggie, considered as one of the healthiest foods on the planet, is not only enjoyed for it’s tastiness in guacamole but also known for it’s nutritional and healing benefits for skin.

    Personally, I actually can’t stand avocado- but my ozzy housemate and everyone else i know love it! So I trialled on Sarah. The veggie deeply hydrates and nourishes skin without any irritation so it is suitable for all skin types – particularly dry and de-hydrated skin. It is also ideal for removing make-up!


    This DIY at-home face mask is so easy to make with just three ingredients and three simple steps. This recipe makes enough for two masks.


    • Half an avocado
    • 2 tsp of honey
    • 2 tbsp of water


    1. Mash the avocado
    2. Stir all the ingredients together
    3. Apply over face


    I decided to give this Passion deep cleansing face mask a go from Boots – thought I would treat myself on my loyalty card points and I’d never tried a peel off one before. As you can see… it comes out very different to how it looks on the packet. Instead of having a pretty light pink cream on my face, I actually just look heavily sunburned!! My skin did feel pretty soft afterwards though.


    Have a go and see what you think with this super easy face mask recipe!

    Love Leeanna xo

    #MidweekManicure || Festive Sparkle

    Tis’ the season for Christmas parties, mulled wine and festive sparkle. ALWAYS my favourite time of the year because I’m not the only one obsessing over anything with sequins and going OTT on the glitter.

    To match my sparkly and Christmasy mood, as I was getting ready for my work Xmas party,  I decided to treat my nails to a a Christmas tree-inspired manicure!


    I just love the festive dark green colour and making my nails look bold with glitter. Plus it was super easy to do.

    I used my dark shimmery green L & B polish as the base colour- I love this varnish because its subtle sparkle isn’t too bold but will catch and shine in different lights.

    I topped the base colour with my w7 green tinted glitter polish which always looks great on top of other colours to enhance the sparkle spectrum.


    And to go the extra mile for the Christmas do I added a few sprinkles of glitter from my Avon Colour Trend pot to each thumb and third finger. I set the glitter and coated all of my nails with a clear top coat to give it extra shine and hold.


    I did this manicure last Monday and the glitter and polis are still going strong. I always make sure to keep my sparkly nails going through to the end of the Christmas party season.

    I hope you have a go at some DIY festive nails this season too and find your favourite festive manicure. Happy partying this Christmas!

    Love Leeanna xo

    DIY: how I glammed up my mittens

    I don’t know about you but when it comes to buying clothes and accessories, I always have the perfect vision of an item I want in my head and expect to see it in the shop, but can never find exactly what I am looking for.

    After loosing one of my FAVOURITE pairs of mittens and with the weather being so freezing, I was desperate to find a new set of gloves just as fab! What I loved about my old pair was that they were just so girlie and cute with lace and bows. So I was a women on a mission to find a new favourite…or create my own.

    image2 (2)

    The best I could find were these navy blue finger less gloves from Accessorize in the sale at £7.50. I loved the design of the sequins and gems, and the silver and pastel blue colours of them too, but whenever I wore them the pretty pattern was hidden under my coats and jumpers 😦

    So I decided why not create my own pattern for the top of the gloves and to my surprise it worked out very easy and therapeutic to do.

    My grandma is AMAZING when it comes to things like this- she can literally make anything, from handbags and chunky knit cardigans, to ornaments and plates. I took her out for coffee and asked her for some inspiration and some help.


    She showed me her collections of haberdashery- I was in ribbon and lace heaven. The funnest bit was deciding what pattern I wanted to create which I kind of already had in mind but now with so many choices of different coloured ribbon, lace and cute beads, I found it hard to decide. I did get a bit carried away with testing ideas but eventually found the perfect look for my mittens.

    I wanted to stick with the colour scheme of blues and created this design:

    • Electric blue ribbon
    • Pretty white lace
    • Sparkly blue and silver thin ribbon
    • Powder blue bow

    It was so easy to do considering I am nowhere near as talented as my grandma! You just need some cotton to match the colours your adding together (I used blue and white), needles for sowing, pins for keeping the pattern in place and a good eyesight for threading!

    image1 image4 (1)

    My grandma gave me her adorable foam jumper to stick my pins and needles in so I couldn’t lose them- and believe me they are easy to lose sight of.

    Once I had sown everything to the large bit of blue ribbon I then sowed it onto the mittens and I was so pleased with the final look!



    My sister loved them so much she’s even asked me to decorate her a pair.  I hope you like them too!

    Love Leeanna xo

    Valentines Cookies <3


    So everyone says ‘food is the key to a man’s heart’ and for my boyfriend I think that is definitely the case.

    I know how much he loves cookies so I thought as an extra treat to go with his valentines gifts I would make love heart cookies with a personal touch of the love heart sweets-style.

    They are so easy to make and I think they are very cute!



    175g plain flour

    100g chilled butter

    85g caster sugar

    1tsp vanilla extract                                                                              

    1 egg yolk

    For decorating:

    Icing tubes (colors of your choice)

    Icing sugar mixed with water

    Step 1:


    Put the flour, butter, sugar, vanilla and egg yolk in a food processor. Dribble in 1 tbsp water and blitz until the mixture comes together to form a dough. Tip onto a work surface and knead briefly to bring together. Make sure you put flour on the surface otherwise things may get pretty sticky! Then wrap in cling film and chill for 20 mins.

    Step 2:

    Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Roll out the dough to the thickness of a £1 coin. If you have a heart cutter to stamp out heart shapes that’s great! But if not you can just as easily make your own heart shapes by cutting them out with a knife. Make as many hearts as you want from the dough of sizes you would like. Put the hearts on 2 baking trays and bake for 12 mins, swapping the trays over halfway through, until pale golden and crisp. Leave to cool on a wire rack.


    Step 3:

    Once the cookies have completely cooled it’s time to get decorating! I used the theme of Love Heart sweets to decide how to top my cookies. Firstly pour icing sugar into a bowl to fill about half of it and then gradually add water until it is a thick consistency and a very white color. Then spread this on each cookie to give it a white background. I chose pink and purple sparkly icing tubes for writing and drawing a heart outline of my cookies- you can choose whatever you like. I copied the Love Heart sweets and iced the cookies with phrases such as ‘I ❤ U’, ‘Hug me’, ‘Kiss me’ etc. But you can write whatever you like!


    And there you have it your own personalised Love Heart cookies, perfect for Valentines!