#MidweekManicure: Hand to Toe Shellac

I love love love having shellac nails- the varnish just keeps your nails looking fab and shiny for ten times longer than standard polish! That’s why I normally always get a shellac mani and pedi before any holiday so I know I won’t suffer from any bare or ugly chipped nails while i’m beaching it up. Unfortunately I’m not going anywhere abroad soon… instead the beauty pamper was an Easter present from my lovely mum and I decided to make use of it in preparation for my sister’s birthday celebration in Bournemouth.

IMG_1556 (1)

I went for a bold coral shade on my fingers and peachy coloured toes… topped with glitter of course. I thought everyone who would be out on Saturday night would appreciate these summery statement nails because I just loved them.

I had already planned on wearing my peep-toe strappy heels so couldn’t resist designing my toes to sparkle the night away.  Pastel shades are the ultimate holiday paint and with a little glitter it can take them from the beach to the cocktail bar. You will definitely see these shimmering bad boys out for Ibiza this summer!


And if getting our nails done wasn’t enough pamper time for me and my sister, we treated our hangovers to a relaxing spa day at Norton Park in Winchester on the Sunday. We thought we deserved a massage and facial after all that dancing and champagne in Bournemouth. 😛


Hope you all have a lovely week!

Love Leeanna xo

Great news from GoThinkBig

So after my amazing week of work experience for GoThinkBig, I have just been told that my own feature I wrote for the site, ‘What is the key to a successful blog?’, has actually had the highest stats of views last week. How amazing is that?!

So I have broken an NCTJ record of over 6,000 views for my BU Naked Calendar report and now I have had the most views on GTB report. I must be doing something right!

Day 5- I went behind the scenes of ITV News

What a great day to end my work experience on! The amazing Camilla managed to get me space on the ITN guest list to find out want went on behind the scenes of ITV News.

There were only six of us at the GoThinkBig skills day and I felt so lucky to have been offered the chance to go there. Throughout the day we met all sorts of people, from the lunch-time program editor to the man in charge of safety for workers filming or reporting in war zones across the world.

The whole day was fascinating and omg I will never be able to watch ITV News the same way again! I was actually inside the news desk studio and London news desk where the news presenter is filmed! Well here’s a huge secret that you never knew… it is actually just a green screen room and all the background, even that lovely window overlooking the Thames, well it’s completely computerised!

You know when Steve Scott was presenting the ITV news lunch-time show today, yeah? I was watching it behind the scenes and got to see how the whole show was put together for the audience to watch! I couldn’t believe he arrived only 50 seconds before he was meant to be on LIVE air! I could definitely feel the tension and I felt a bit scared for ITV when he wasn’t even on set when they were expecting him! He was still sorting out his blazer when he had 3 seconds before the live filming! It was so crazy but what shocked me the most was how he managed to be laughing a second before he went live and then suddenly presented the news absolutely PERFECTLY. I was very impressed.

When I got back to the GTB office, after meeting some amazing people, I began working on my CV for future work experience.

Dan sent me the link of our Social Networking video and my god did it make me cringe. Like I said yesterday, my voice WAS squeeky and my hair DID look like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards. Very embarrassing but I was still so excited to watch it.

It was so sad to leave GoThinkBig after such an amazing week and been offered such great opportunities. I was really happy to hear that Molly wanted me to write another feature for the site to go up next week about my experience there. My Christmas Temp 101 piece will be going on the site next week- great news!


My GoThinkBig goodie bag for my work experience this week


My ITV News gifts from my day working with ITN

OH and I found out that my record breaking NCTJ uptospeednews report has actually, can you believe it, reached over 57,000 views. That is just crazy!


My crazy mega views on my uptospeednews blog

‘Made an all-time box office hit’

JUST CASUALLY FOUND OUT I BROKE THE RECORD FOR THE MOST VIEWS of my report last week on the Bournemouth University’s Naked Calendar photoshoot.

I was so excited to hear that 6,000 views were made on my report on my NCTJ course’s news report website. On this website me and 7 other students write reports every Thursday News Day on different events and stories we’ve found.

Looks like the word ‘naked’ and ‘cheerleaders’ was a big hit on the web last week. Quite clear that too many porn-obsessed boys are on google… Better bare that in mind when I’m writing my next report!

This news definitely added another smile to my amazing day!

Ahhh look at all the views for my report!!

Ahhh look at all the views for my report!!

Life as a ‘trainee journalist’

After powering through an intense 7 weeks of my NCTJ magazine journalism course at the Bournemouth Daily Echo I am left with only 3 weeks left before us students are realised on a revision week for our exams.

When I think about how much I have progressed in following my dream career in journalism, I can definitely say I have come one hell of a long way. When I think back to the second week of my course and I was questioning if I was up to the challenge, I thought to myself… journalism students at the university down the road are probably only just turning the first page of a text book but I’m already learning the black letter law, building contacts, creating a portfolio of reports and writing 50 words per minute in shorthand. Two weeks in and that is something to be proud of.

Today marks seven weeks in. My skills have developed, rules have been learned and revision has begun. To my surprise and delight, two of my reports were published. My first bylines! Although I am nowhere near professional quite yet, I felt so proud and I hope I can feel that pride over and over again.

My journey as a ‘trainee journalist undergoing an NCTJ course’ is not over yet, not until 6 exams have been completed. The second week of December begins those frightful days… a limited amount of time to stress, panic and pray the answers I scribble down (as fast as I can) are correct.

Until the exams of law, public affairs, reporting, shorthand, business of magazines and production of magazines are done and passed, then my dream of being a journalist is slightly on hold.

Wish me luck!