How to make cheap homemade Christmas decorations 

Tis the season to be creative… yes that even means if you have no arty skills whatsoever. You really don’t need to be no Picasso to have a go at making these simple decorations.

The festive season is not only indulgent on the waistline but it can also mean diving a little too deep into your purse. December is just around the corner so if you’ve got decorations on your mind but don’t want to break the budget, i’ve put together a handy guide to making your home festive under £5.

I will keep this page updated with my latest suggestions for you to try at home so keep checking back for more ideas.

Homemade candles

These are super easy to make and can easily be done with bits and bobs from around the house. Old jam and chutney jars are perfect to use after a good soaking but if no-one is a fan of the cranberry sauce and the jars aren’t going fast you can always pick up a choice of maison and preserve jars for £1 at stores like Wilko and Poundland.

Reindeer jars

How cute are these! I made two and filled one with mini Christmas pudding shaped chocolate balls… because who doesn’t want more treats on top of the advent calendar?!

  • Tall jar
  • Bronze/gold/brown coloured paper
  • Red pom pom – I got a mixed bag from Poundland
  • Strong transparrent glue
  • Stick on eyeballs – I picked up mine from the 99p store
  • Scissors

Glittery jars

These are so simple and can easily be done with items you already have from around the house.

  • Any shape jar you have at home
  • Scissors
  • Strong transparent glue
  • Festive ribbon or string
  • Silver glittery snow fluff
  • Coloured glitter paper of choice

They are lovely decorations for anytime of the year and can easily be turned Christmasy by filling with glitter snow and adding festive ribbon.

Easy decorations to do in less than 15 mins

  • Pine cones – A pack of 5 from Wilko is just £1
  • Snow spray
  • Cava/wine corks
  • Strong transparent glue
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Red Pom Pom for Rudulph’s nose
  • Googly eyes
  • Coloured paper
  • Blue tac
  • Scissors

DIY snow cones

Wine cork reindeers

I loved making these super easy decorations and believe me when I say ANYONE can make these at home. I mean, who doesn’t have cava corks lying around the house already? And if not… what a great excuse to pop a bottle of wine.

Homemade snowman

Who needs snow when you can make your own snowman on your doors at home?! I think it just looks adorable and the best thing is you can use everything you already have at home and it’s so so easy and quick to do!

These DIY decs take so little time to make you’ll still have time to put your feet up, pour another glass and snuggle up watching your favourite Christmas movie. They’re so cute for around the house and your guests and little ones will love them too.

Enjoy your creative night in and why not treat yourself to a mince pie and Buble playing in the background!

Love Leeanna xo