DIY Christmas decorations: How to make your own festive wreath


I’m not usually very artsy and crafty, but there’s something about listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album that really made my creative side come out.

So, as we sang along to Buble’s version of ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’, with a sparkly pile of baubles and fresh-from-the-tree sprigs of holly spread across the table , me and my housemate got craft-happy with our first homemade creation- a Christmas wreath.

And believe me it really is easy to make, just follow these simple steps…

Step 1: Wrap ribbon around the wreath, leaving an equal distance between each turn. We chose this tartan print because it looks so festive and cute against the greenery!


Step 2: Once the ribbon is tied tightly around the wreath. Use the same, or in a different pattern, to make a large bow for top of the wreath and tie it on using green wire that can be twisted and tied as messy as you like at the back because when it is hung up and looking beautiful from the outside, no one can see what is behind.

Ribbon Bow

Step 3: Now you can get your sparkle on by adding clusters of little baubles. We chose to do groups of three gold baubles- I particularly loved the one that looked like a disco ball!


Step 4: Interweave sprigs of holly into the wreath to make it look even more festive and cute.


And there you have it your very own front-door masterpiece!

There are many other ways you can do your own homemade Christmas too. So whether your a creative whizz or like me- not the most talented- these DIY decorations suits all tastes and skill levels.


Balance a branch in a clear jar and decorate with white paper decorations for a simple but stylish festive statement. 


Paper decorations always look fab for celebrations and are so easy and fun to make! Try using wrapping paper for an even more festive look and create a chain of dangling stars which can be hung from walls or ceilings. Silver and gold paper will look especially cute this festive season and if you hang them down your window, you will be sure to bring some festive cheer to passersby.


One of my friends had a go at making a Christmas tree out of fairy lights like this one from Pinterest, because he knew he wouldn’t be in his flat for much of the Christmas season- also the perfect student alternative to spending money on a Christmas tree! Who would have thought using fairy lights to create the shape of a Christmas tree would look so pretty?!

candle jars

I think these candle jars I saw on Pinterest look great for the festive season and what a great way to re-use items around the house?! Arm yourself with a box of tee lights, some fir tree clippings, clear glass jars, fluffy cotton wool and gold ribbon to create these beautiful Christmas lights.

After browsing on Pinterest for more creative ideas, it’s made me want to make even more homemade decorations. So why don’t you give it a go too.

Love Leeanna xo