Just registered for Big Brother 2013

So I know I obviously have zero chance of getting in to the Big Brother house next year as I will have only just turned 18 but I thought I may as well register. I promised myself I would apply as soon as I turn 18 every single year until I get on to the show, so it had to be done. It is one of my dreams to go into the house one summer purely because it would be absolutely hilarious. People say they have a game plan but I wouldn’t even know where to start. I just want to meet new people from areas other than southampton- boring, boring, boring. Oh my god it would just be so much fun!

One day you WILL see me on your TV screens, entering the BB house 😉

unless I change my mind of course.

Festival Fashion Fever

So, ever since I received my Bestival ticket this morning I have been creating outfits in my head for the upcoming weekend. I couldn’t resist popping into town today (even though I have zero money) to have a look at all the amazing festival clothes! I was a bit cheeky and bought myself two necklaces for Bestival, one was £2 and the other only £1 so it had to be done! Absolute BARGAIN! I’ve already made a shopping list of items to buy for the weekend including: flowery headbands, Hunter wellies, new long socks, a new pair of high-waisted hot pants and printed rock and roll tops. Festivals are about the music of course… but the festival style is my favorite so I have to make the effort. I am definitely aiming to go for the celebrity festival look. CANNOT WAIT!

Hello world of blogging…

This is my first ever blog and I have not exactly thought this through.

I’m not too sure what is appropriate to write for my introductory post, but I am hoping I can use this to express anything an everything that’s on my mind. Feeling rather out of my depth here… but I do love writing so blogging seems perfect for me.