Great news from GoThinkBig

So after my amazing week of work experience for GoThinkBig, I have just been told that my own feature I wrote for the site, ‘What is the key to a successful blog?’, has actually had the highest stats of views last week. How amazing is that?!

So I have broken an NCTJ record of over 6,000 views for my BU Naked Calendar reportΒ and now I have had the most views on GTB report. I must be doing something right!

‘Made an all-time box office hit’

JUST CASUALLY FOUND OUT I BROKE THE RECORD FOR THE MOST VIEWS of my report last week on the Bournemouth University’s Naked Calendar photoshoot.

I was so excited to hear that 6,000 views were made on my report on my NCTJ course’s news report website. On this website me and 7 other students write reports every Thursday News Day on different events and stories we’ve found.

Looks like the word ‘naked’ and ‘cheerleaders’ was a big hit on the web last week. Quite clear that too many porn-obsessed boys are on google… Better bare that in mind when I’m writing my next report!

This news definitely added another smile to my amazing day!

Ahhh look at all the views for my report!!

Ahhh look at all the views for my report!!